Living room furniture
in leather

A trend always in the now.

Fashions come and go, but sofas in this material are always trendy. Their appeal is undeniable, whether classic, designer or the vintage leather sofas we offer, a constant presence in the living room, office, private homes or leased spaces.
There are many advantages to a leather sofa: firstly their long life, due to the material’s resistance. It is flexible, so lends itself to processing that creates different “effects”: particularly in demand is the aged style that gives a vintage look to the seating. The leather can take on a wide range of colours, glam fantasy prints or textures designed to produce a “scratched” Industrial style, like our small sofa.

Not just for living rooms the leather armchairs

The living room has always been the room for entertaining, socialising and family reunions, and at the same time always a space reserved for the family… but is also a reception room.
Since the 1990s, the “parlour” has increasingly become a true “living” space, so a room for relaxation and an informal area not only for watching TV but also to gather friends, study, dine, interacting with the outside world and with another room in the home – the kitchen – in a continuous development of functions and styles.

The unquestioned pride of place goes to the sofa, in all its forms. What is important is that it guarantees relaxation and supports the body: corner sofas, modular, with or without peninsulas to rest your legs, in fabric, in Alcantara, maxis or two-seaters with headrest, magazine rack, scatter cushions, with or without armrests, with leather pouffes or container units. In other words, whatever you can dream up, you’ll find it in Dialma Brown.
Vintage leather sofas arranged with vintage leather armchairs. For example, those you see in this composition, that “cuddle” you with their encapsulating form redolent of the fabulous 50s and with precision capitonné.

Dialma Brown living room
furniture in leather

Dialma Brown comfort is proposed in a collection of leather sofas and armchairs with different characters. The solutions range from contemporary models to vintage, from linear to trendy and from soft to form-fitting. Models in smooth recycled leather or characterised by haute couture workmanship and painstaking traditional details offer relaxation that is not only welcoming but wraps you in sensations, such as the Chesterfield sofa reminiscent of Olde England.
And if leather really isn’t for you, you can choose from all our numerous models of fabric-covered sofas, accompanied by armchairs and beanbag pouffes, for the bedroom or the living room.