How to furnish a venue
in a unique, original style

Find the right style

Bar, lounge bar, holiday farm or hotel. First and foremost, planning the furnishings depends on the format of the business space and your reference target. It’s logical, but we have to remember that furnishing a bar and furnishing a farmhouse or any other business activity, whether it’s a lounge bar or a series of hotel rooms, call for different approaches.
Finding the right style, defining the furnishings, decorating the walls to transform any environment into a captivating location that creates the ideal atmosphere for improving customer experience, is a complex affair that demands structured organisation and transversal skills such as those you will find in Dialma Brown.

Furnishing a bar

In Dialma Brown, you will find the ideal partner for furnishing any business in original style, capable of integrating the design and production stages into a turnkey service, whether it involves furnishing a bar, a restaurant or a holiday farm.
This allows us to handle projects that are different not only in terms of the type of contract, but also in size: integrating know-how and flexible organisation, catering for medium to large supplies and even international partnerships.

Leased space design
for Dialma Brown

We can produce furnishings for every type of venue with our production of dining and occasional tables, bar stools, customised stackable chairs and furnishing accessories designed to create a pleasant environment. Our master carpenters ensure that every idea takes form and we can develop a variety of solutions, keeping the Made in Italy value at the highest level. We also develop furnishings for the hospitality industry: traditional culture and related industrial output plus a constant focus on sector trends mean that we can produce made-to-measure designs with original fitting-out of leased spaces such as hotel rooms and holiday farms.