Dialma Brown

Imprinting your style

Living room

And it’s immediately home

A living room to share with your loved ones and friends, seated around the large wooden table, but also an oasis of peace where you can seek refuge, watching a great film as you stretch out on the sofa units, or reading the book by your favourite author left for way too long in the bookcase in recycled wood. In short, a living area of surprises because it draws inspiration from certain mountain landscapes and is enhanced by dressers, occasional tables, armchairs covered in Shabby Chic fabric or in Vintage style, but which can even opt for a more modern trend with a mix & match of materials.

Double room

The magic of wood

With Dialma Brown you also have a furnishings collection for the bedroom, extensive, versatile, beautiful and practical: double and single beds with or without headboard, dressers and night stands, which can also be fitted with drawer units. By choosing Dialma Brown you directly enter the land of dreams. Lead actor in this room is the double bed, made even more imposing by the grand headboard with framing capitonné.

living room

Every space a space to be invented

A fluid, bright space where the elements are positioned freely to invent an unconventional living room that complies with the owner’s habits. In front of the two-seater sofa, reminiscent of the fabulous 50s, is the must-have practical coffee table, the bench in old wood, the armchair that matches the other chair in style and colour, and the wall-hung designer storage chest that holds ornaments and souvenirs. Then, spread here and there, cushions, throws and sculptures tell the story of who lives there.

Living room

Vintage inspiration

A versatile collection that here puts the leather sofa and vintage armchairs at the forefront. Upholstered furniture is transformed into irreplaceable furnishings, expressing the increasingly individual trend to enjoy relaxation. The set is completed by a coffee table characterised by a spacious top in recycled wood, the large solid wood bookcase that alternate open sections with others with doors to store treasured ornaments, and the pair of occasional tables positioned next to the seats.

Living room

A room to live in

An elegant, versatile living room that combines the style of yesterday with the practical of today. Relaxation is interpreted by the vintage sofa and leather armchairs, revitalised by matelassé work; the conviviality of the solid wood table completed by a series of kitchen chairs in American styles and by a bench in recycled wood. Completing the composition are the coffee table, the wall bookcase in elegant white and the modern storage chest in old wood.

A particular mood that turns in an emotional design

Living room

Shabby chic accents

Homewear, flooring and wall coverings in wood can add character to any environment. Soft lines, ecru coloured fabrics and linens, elegant finishes characterising the sofas, fabric-covered armchairs and the stool, made even more special by the quilting. In front of these, a coffee table with a shelf that increases its function. A must-have is the console surrounded by picture frames and furnishing accessories to make you dream.

Living room

A bright open space

Every space detracts from the serial nature, transforming itself into a container for emotions, passions and objects that represent us. In the open space, the furniture is positioned freely to create chic, multifunctional interiors. The area dedicated to relaxation has fabric-covered sofas and chairs in perfect Provençale style, such as the storage box and the ladder bookcase. The room is brightened even more by the clear hues of the large, rectangular solid wood table, which for those preferring a more sinuous shape can be replaced with a round version.


Classy white

The night area reinterpreted by Dialma Brown expresses Provençale influence, with a prevalence of pale colours such as white and beige, creating environments that immediately bring on dreams. Lead actor in the bedroom, the double bed has an imposing headboard with a soft design that invites relaxation. Scattered all around, a range of homewear items that make any home a little more yours: night tables with fine, sinuous legs, the large wardrobe with hinged or sliding doors that can be fitted with drawer units, the small sofa, the upholstered bench and the white desk with practical drawers to hide away your secrets.

living room

Emotional design

The living room interpreted according to a modern lifestyle but far beyond the excesses of minimalism. At the heart of this room dedicated to relaxation, fabric-covered sofas and a coffee table with a spacious top in wood and metal where you can rest your coffee, books, magazines, anything you like. Containers such as monoliths, which are the contemporary evolution of the traditional wooden storage chests of country villas, plus of course the table and chairs in leather with metal frame, create a scenario that is an absolute joy.

dining room

Total look

Profiles that speak volumes and bring back order, image and substance. Daylight emphasises the homewear. A day area system coordinated by squared lines which highlight rather than hide the material, making it their distinguishing feature: wood, always playing the lead, forms the modern sideboard and the table. Lastly, the metropolitan character of the composition is emphasised by the leather seating enhanced with quilting work.

Unique furniture tell special stories


Between art and design

Dialma Brown imagines the study as an open space where ideas can fly and designs are born, with the added chance of a relaxing break. Not only a large wooden table with seating characterised by form-hugging lines that combine leather, vintage and metal, but also with two- and three-seater sofas and armchairs that mix natural fabrics with solid wood. A study made even more welcoming by a set of pictures, vases, cushions and many other furnishing accessories. A composition that also gives a role to the coffee table and the must-have 9-door mobile container unit in old wood used to store drawings. A warm study, also aided by a set of pictures, vases, cushions and many other furnishing accessories.


Ingenious creations

A scenario that transmits tranquillity, a dimension suspended in time where you can escape from everything. The double bed has a grand headboard that enhances its character. Hints of playfulness come in the form of the container with decorated surfaces in the centre of the room and the drawer unit on wheels at the end of the bed. Completing the configuration are the Provençale-style armchair with a curved silhouette, the round coffee table in old wood and the dresser with Lavagna finish.

Living room

Fragrance of Provence

Colours that warm, silhouettes that wrap around you, furnishing accessories that transform every environment into a home to be felt: with Dialma Brown it is easy to transform a living room into an environment that describes and reflects a chapter of its owner’s life. It’s easy to relax on a soft sofa enhanced with capitonné, or in a fabric-covered armchair, while the open hearth at your back warms the room. Facing, the coffee table and storage chest in wood where you can position numerous accessories, such as lamps and photo frames.

Double room

A sought-after style

An extensive collection of furniture and furnishing accessories such as sculptures, cushions, throws and picture frames that go beyond the practical concept of furnishing. The double bed with a majestic capitonné headboard create a romantic, relaxing effect, whilst the occasional tables playing host to the lamps help provide a serene atmosphere. The bench at the foot of the bed, the practical must-have drawer unit for the bedroom, the fabric covered armchair and matching footstool, all infuse the room with a distinctive personality.