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The Home You Would Want

The Home You Would Want

Furnishing according to Dialma Brown. A flexibility in the solutions that range from fabric-covered sofas or sofas in vintage leather and modern bookcases, bedroom furnishings to kitchen dressers, from coffee tables in wood or glass to furnishing accessories and objets d’art for the home. A coordinated global design made up of different contexts through mood-changing home designs and numerous composition options.

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Paola Marella chooses Dialma Brown

The famous architect becomes the new testimonial of the company.

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Tables and chairs

10 useful recommendations for choosing.

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Living room furniture in leather

Sofas are fundamental furnishing accessories in the relaxation room. The ones in leather create an elegant, sophisticated environment, whatever their colour

Life Style


One of the most intimate rooms in the home, nowadays the bedroom is no longer just where you sleep at night, but also where you read, watch TV and listen to good music. It is important that you furnish the home and so this room, too, with care... thinking about your lifestyle. Then it really will become the room of your dreams.

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Modern living room

Where to begin furnishing a modern living room with sofas and armchairs? First of all you need to consider the space available to you, and if this is limited it’s best to opt for a pale colour - white, even - to increase the sense of space.

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Open space

The day area is the most used environment in the house, and is why it deserves special planning. An idea that is becoming increasingly fashionable is “open space”, i.e. a single open area combining both living room and kitchen.


Imprinting your style

1. A catalogue that can be browsed whenever you like to capture the Dialma Brown style through photos of modern, vintage or perfect Provençale-style interiors. Draw inspiration from the lifestyle you want: you will encounter the design solutions that best reflect your wishes.

Our catalogs

The true encyclopaedia of Dialma Brown products, theme catalogues where you can choose furniture, upholstered items, furnishing accessories, home accessories, decorative wall panels and flooring... in two words, the world of Dialma Brown.


Our Philosophy

Giving you the chance to design the home you’ve always dreamed of, allowing the most individual of decisions. Because Dialma Brown surprises, offering you a welcoming home with anything but pre-packaged solutions. A mix of styles defines the character of the interiors, a wide range of furnishings and accessories offering practical answers and original looks.

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